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Over the years, Cutelilpineapple fostered a love for soundtracks from animation and video games, teaching herself to play them on the piano by ear or from sheet music. She began uploading piano covers and arrangements on YouTube under the channel "Cutelilpineapple" in 2016. A few years later, she transitioned into singing vocal covers of songs from her favorite JRPG OSTs, including Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Xenoblade Chronicles 3.



Azure Moon: The Musical

Since December 2022, Acacia and I have worked on turning Azure Moon (AM) into a musical since it's our favorite route from Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H). The songs featured are either from FE3H's OST with original lyrics written by Acacia and me or from other musicals with lyrics tailored to fit AM's context.

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